I am embarking on a long-awaited – by me anyway – new chapter in my musical adventure which started in the 80s and stopped in the 90s but have now decided to rekindle my love of music and having reached a stage in my life where fortunately I can explore my dreams once again, I am starting from scratch.

I, therefore, thought it would be great to share my experiences across the wonderful world of the internet & social networking and bring people into my world in order to ask for their advice as to how I should develop.

You will therefore be able to experience my road to fulfil my dreams, this will include everything from me bringing on board a consultant with years of music experience to help with everything from music production to image etc., and it is my hope you will get involved then eventually come to gigs and even stream and who knows, buy, my music over the next few months. There will be regular posts, a little like a musical soap opera, so you can see how I am developing and if you like what you see maybe you will bring friends to the ‘party’ as well and help me to travel in a direction with you all, as my ‘back seat drivers’.